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Fall Crop 

Mums are what we do at Kiesler Farms. We have eight distinct color variants. We have the conventional yet always attractive yellow to liven up your front porch. We have orange for a modern fall look. We also have purple and white for a lovely contrast to the fall hues. We also offer pink and coral, which are less typical hues. Each color comes in several versions. Kiesler Farms grows a wide variety of seasonal varieties, including early, mid, and season extenders. This allows Kiesler Farms to offer you lovely Mums from August to October.

The 8" size is ideal for planting into your landscape or medium-sized containers. Hardy Mums may be enjoyed in hanging baskets and patio pots without the need for planting.

Here at Kiesler farms, mums are our specialty. With the variety of colors we offer, you will be able to decorate either your house for the exterior or interior, besides the organization of any event which will look spectacular and picturesque with our mums.

Our home gardeners get the same high-quality plants as our business clients. Whether you buy one or a hundred plants from us, they will all be in excellent condition. 

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